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Is your home needing curb appeal?  From patio pavers at your home in Wentzville to tree installation in St. Peters, we’ve got you covered.  Consider elevating your space to the magical oasis you’ve always dreamed of with our O’Fallon landscapers.


A warm and inviting landscape for your business is crucial for first impressions!  We can spruce up your O’Fallon business to create the right atmosphere for customers.

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it. Some materials used to create retaining walls include concrete blocks, poured concrete, rocks, boulders, and stacked pavers.

If your yard has slopes, dips, and inclines, this could be a sign that you are in need of a retaining wall.  Retaining walls are used in a variety of ways, from large corporate buildings to common home landscaping.  Their main function is to hold back the soil or otherwise, the soil would erode creating issues.  As a homeowner, you will rely on retaining walls to keep soil contained in raised beds and to keep soil from eroding when planting tiered landscaping beds.

In a landscaped setting, retaining walls have several purposes that involve keeping the earth in place.  They are vital for building walkout basements and any other hardscape that comes with ground elevation changes.  Retaining walls are commonly found in parks and gardens as decorative ways to protect landscaping, plants, and statues.



The sky’s the limit when it comes to patio hardscape design, and you may already know some of the features that you really want.  From topography to budget constraints, not every patio hardscape will work for your space.  Trying to cram too much design into your build will only create headaches down the road.  

Designing a dining area requires the appropriate amount of space.  The size of table and how many chairs will determine what size you should be considering.  Dining areas can be constructed of concrete, pavers, or even a combination of pavers and loose stone.

A fire pit tends to be the main attraction of the homeowner’s outdoor experience.  Safety comes into play first and foremost, so you want to consider the most comfortable design without compromising safety.  This usually means creating a five foot buffer.  Typical dimensions of most stone fire pits have an inside diameter of 36 inches, and a height of around 15 inches.


Drainage Systems

The drainage system at your property is crucial in taking excess water and moving it to the appropriate place.  If you desire to maintain your landscape design and the curb appeal it brings to your home, you will want to understand how your drainage system works and why it’s important.  There are several types of systems you can use, so reach out to O’Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes to see which will benefit you the most.

The main purpose of a drainage system is to take water away from your home or building and displace it to a place where no damage will occur.  If you live in a place that receives more rainfall, the more important it is to have a proper drainage system in place.  Puddles of water around your foundation can change the soil, and they can attract unwanted pests like mosquitos.  Additionally, excess water will harm the plant material in your landscape.

The use of a French drain is just one way that we can help relieve your property of drainage issues.


Perennial Landscape

Perennials in the landscape provide sustainable aesthetic appeal.  Incorporating perennials within your property will help create a beautiful landscape year after year.

Sometimes you will notice a landscape that looks flat and unattractive.  You can avoid this by creating depth with plants that have different heights, rotate colors, and making visual boundaries between each ‘space’.  Add vertical plants to change the dynamic of your landscape by choosing tree’s, grasses, taller bushes, and climbing vines.

It is extremely important to plant in groupings of odd numbers, especially three or five.  Planting in odd numbers is usually inviting and soothing to our balance-seeking brains.  Limit planting one of something, to avoid a loud and non-flowing landscape.


Annual Landscape

Any plant in the landscape that completes its lifecycle in one year is considered an annual.  Flowers are the most common example of annuals.  Annual flowers play a crucial role in landscaping because they provide a burst of color all season long.  These annuals allow you to experiment with new colors and ideas each year.

Different annuals have various sunlight preferences.  Choose flowers like Petunias and Marigolds for sun-loving areas, and choose begonias and Impatiens for shady areas.

Annual flowers need well-drained soil and the right fertilizer nutrients to do well throughout the growing season.

The United States is split up into 10 zones that represent various climates.  When purchasing annual flowers, choosing the right annual for your climate is essential.


Landscape Bed Maintenance

Keeping landscaped beds neat and tidy will provide the curb appeal that is desired and will be a testament to your landscaping prowess.  Landscape bed maintenance varies with the season.  In spring, clean up any winter debris, divide perennials that are too large, and add a layer of fresh mulch.  Spring time will be an opportunity to prune certain plants and shape shrubs to your liking.  Summer will be vigilant watering and consistent inspection of pests.  Keeping pests at bay will create optimal health for plants.  When pesticides are necessary, consider alternatives to harsh chemicals that could effect essential pollinators like honey bees.  Fall is the time to plant new material and prepare the landscape for the upcoming winter season.  Waiting until fall to plant new material will alleviate the stress that occurs during the heat and drought months of summer.




At O’Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes, we are your landscape and hardscape specialists. With our understanding and attention to detail, we will transform your outdoor space into your own oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.  Oftentimes, the choices are too expansive with landscaping and hardscaping which brings confusion and frustration to the home or business owner.  Whether you are in need of a retaining wall in St. Peters, a French drain installed in your yard in Dardenne Prairie, or you just want to add some landscaping to the front of your home in Wentzville, O’Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes will deliver whatever you have in mind.

O'Fallon MO Landscaping with Limelight Hydrangea's

Landscaping with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the most versatile shrubs you can introduce to your landscape.  With their exquisite flower blooms and various colors, hydrangeas are the definition of garden elegance.  Hydrangea blooms are the perfect choice for all occasions, from weddings to patio tabletops.  Hydrangeas consist of three major families.  The Mycrophylla family consists of various blue and pink shades, but are less winter hardy due to the fact that they bloom on old wood each year.  The Paniculata family are more winter hardy and mainly consists of white and off-white bloom shades.  Lastly, the Panicle family is the most winter hardy variety and produces blooms on new wood.

Landscape and Hardscape in O'Fallon MO

Landscaping with Perennials

Landscaping with perennials is a very efficient and economical way to bring your landscape to the level you desire.  This picture represents several different kinds of perennials including dwarf arborvitae, Japanese Maple tree, hydrangea, catmint, and loriope.  Incorporating perennials is a more significant up front cost, but will reduce the residual costs that can accumulate with yearly annual flower plantings.  When selecting perennials, it is important to select plant material that can withstand the climate in your area.  Each plant is rated for a specific zone in the United States.  Choosing plants in your zone is paramount for the health and longevity of the plant.





Why does landscaping cost so much?

Some landscaping projects take more time than others and some require more workers.  Skilled laborers will cost more, as well as the upkeep of machinery.  Oftentimes, hauling is an additional cost too.

What is the cheapest price for landscaping?

The average landscaping cost is $3,000 to $13,000.  The typical price per square foot is $4 to $17.  Prices vary based on the exact project.  

Is spending money on landscaping worth it?

Yes.  If you want to add value to your property, adding a landscape or outdoor space is your best option.

What is the most expensive part of landscaping?

Labor is the most expensive part at around 80% of the cost.  Landscapers will charge about 115% more than the cost of the material.

How often should I expect to schedule maintenance after a project?

Every project is different.  Some projects will require maintenance once a year, while other projects will be maintenance free for many years.