Yard drainage is crucial for maintaining the health and aesthetics of your property, while also protecting your landscape and the environment.  Establishing a good drainage system is a long-term wise investment into your property.  Here are a few benefits of good drainage:

1.  Prevents Erosion:  Drainage systems can help prevent soil from eroding.  If drainage is not in place, when excess water flows over your yard it can begin to erode the soil.

2.  Waterlogging:  Proper drainage systems will help water to exit your yard, instead of pooling.  This is important because excess water can damage the lawn, landscape plants, and your home.

3.  Plant Health:  Good drainage creates an environment that plants can thrive in.  Without proper drainage, roots cannot get oxygen and will eventually kill the plant.

4.  Reduces Unwanted Pests:  Excess water can bring unwanted pests like mosquitos to your yard.  The stagnant water is a breeding ground for pests.  Good drainage will keep these pests from migrating to your property.

5.  Lawn Appeal:  Drainage ensures that your lawn remains healthy.  Excess water can contribute to disease and unwanted weeds.

6.  Protects Buildings:  Drainage systems around your home can prevent water from making its way into your basement, reducing the risk of water damage or mold.

7.  Safety:  When puddles and wet areas are frequently occurring, safety becomes an issue.  Eliminating standing water will help you navigate your yard  without slips and falls.

8.  Property Value:  Your property value will be positively affected when excess water is not present.  Potential buyers will be much more attracted to an outdoor space that does not have water-related issues.


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