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When it comes to creating that perfect front yard, there’s more to it than just mowing your lawn. O’Fallon homeowners will see the significance of a luxurious outdoor living space through the many inspiration examples surrounding us everyday. Ready to transform your front yard into that oasis you’ve always wanted? Let’s look into these eight curb appeal hacks, and make your neighbors see all the green on the ‘other side of the fence’.  

1.  Landscaping:  A well-maintained landscape is key to curb appeal.  Make sure to trim bushes and trees, plant flowers, and keep the lawn cut and maintained.  Keep landscape beds updated with fresh mulch bi-annually and consider lining the beds with a decorative edging.

2.  Outdoor Lighting:  Proper outdoor lighting adds significant curb appeal.  Install attractive lights along pathways and near any high-traffic entrances.  Adding lights to roof lines and soffits can make your home appear much larger than it actually is.

3.  Paint:  A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference for your home’s exterior.  Use a cohesive color scheme to tie together the walls, shutters, trim, and even the mailbox.

4.  Make Repairs:  Always keep an eye out for needed repairs.  Fix loose siding, replace any missing or damaged shingles, and clean the gutters.  Keeping the exterior of your home well-maintained will show that you care about the exterior of your home.

5.  Front Door:  Every real estate agent will advise you to address your front door for maximum curb appeal.  The front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior.  You may consider painting it a bold color and adding stylish hardware.

6.  Upgraded Driveway:  As your budget allows, consider upgrading your drive to pavers, stamped concrete, or even a new asphalt overlay.  Oftentimes, adding a decorative border to both sides of your driveway can be a much less costly approach to upgrading this area.

7.  Mailbox:  Adding an upgraded mailbox to your property will provide an extra touch of elegance and appeal.  Make sure to upgrade in such a way that it compliments the design of your entire property.

8.  Add Accents:  Adding decorative accents to your porch or driveway can make a big difference.  Putting a bench on the front porch provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that corresponds with a well-maintained appeal.  Stylish welcome mats or an iron wall accent will add to your desired curb appeal.






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