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Hardscape is a broad term because it includes ANY non-living structure or surface on your landscape.  This would include anything from walkways to fire pits to your mailbox.  Every single ‘hard’ element in your landscape is considered hardscape.  Since the possibilities are nearly endless, it might seem difficult to narrow down your options and visualize what might fit best in your space.  O’Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes will be able to walk you through the many options.

Typical Hardscape Projects


A stone or brick patio should feel like an extension of your home.  It should bring in the feel of another room.  If you enjoy entertaining, a well thought out patio will be your go-to space.  From a family reunion to a barbeque get-together, a patio is a perfect hardscape addition.


Your driveway is more important to the appearance of your home than you might think.  Many people consider their driveway as just a slab of concrete, but it is so much more than that.  From pavers to asphalt, your driveway can be a hardscape staple in your landscape design.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve numerous functional purposes from erosion control to forming landscape beds.  When in need of retaining walls, consider high quality material and quality installation to ensure safety and longevity. 


Walkways are one of the most warm and inviting hardscapes you can add to your home.  Oftentimes, incorporating walkways will break up the various areas of your landscape, providing ‘sections’ or ‘rooms’ in your space.  Walkways give a sense of direction to people that may not be familiar with your property.

Fire Pits

A well-built fire pit will add an element of luxury and comfort to your outdoor space.  Your guests will be drawn to a fire pit that provides ambiance for a night outside roasting marshmallows.  Fire pits can be built out of several different materials and a number of different shapes.

Barrier and Structures

Structures are rarely thought of as hardscapes.  Fences are one example of a privacy barrier hardscape.  Decorative mailbox posts can be composed of stone or brick, making it a true hardscape structure. 

Real Grass Sod






Tree Pruning



Here at O’Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes we aim to deliver exactly what our clients envision.  Our experts will educate and guide you through the entire process.

O'Fallon MO Hardscape Stone Wall
Hardscape with Large Rock in O'Fallon
Landscaping in O'Fallon MO with Tree's
O'Fallon MO Landscape Pond with Hosta
O'Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes with Boulder
O'Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes
O'Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes
O'Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes
O'Fallon Landscaping and Hardscapes with Stacked Stone

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