The cornerstone of landscape bedding appearance and health begins with mulch.  Using mulch in your garden or landscaping offers several benefits:

1.  Weed Suppression:  Mulch acts as a barrier, keeping sunlight from reaching weed seeds, which reduces weed growth.  Mulch can be used as a safer and organic way to prevent weeds instead of harsh chemicals.

2.  Moisture:  Mulch helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation.  When evaporation is minimized, frequency of watering is reduced as well.  During extreme heat and drought, mulch can provide the necessary moisture to help plants survive and alleviating stress on the plant.

3.  Temperature:  Soil temperature is directly dictated by the use of mulch.  During the summer, mulch will keep the soil cooler and provide relief for the roots.  During the winter, mulch will provide warmth to the soil and roots.

4.  Health:  Organic matter is added to the soil when mulch breaks down.  The organic matter provides the necessary fertility for the landscape.  The organic matter is vital to the hundreds of microorganisms that live in the soil.

5.  Erosion Prevention:  Mulch provides a barrier between the bare soil and heavy rain and wind.  Preventing erosion with mulch is the most cost effective approach.

6.  Pests:  Some mulch like cedar or cypress can deter pests.  Using cedar mulch can protect your landscape from insect damage and eliminate the use of pesticides.  

7.  Aesthetic Appeal:  Mulch produces a a clean and crisp appearance to landscape areas, making your garden and landscape flower beds look more attractive.

8.  Disease:  Mulch can act as a barrier to protect against soil-borne diseases that could spread to landscape plants through wind, rain, or other carriers.

9.  Maintenance:  Mulch reduces the growth of unwanted weeds and grass, which minimizes the need to mow and trim areas with trees and landscaping beds.

10.  Design:  Landscaping beds can be designed with various mulch products.  Choosing the best mulch option for your landscape is critical in creating the landscape design that you desire.


Mulched Landscape Bed

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