All plant material in your landscape begins with proper planting, creating and maintaining an attractive, functional, and environmentally healthy landscape.  It supports the plant growth, increases property value, and establishes a sustainable outdoor space.  Proper planting will achieve the following:

1.  Healthy Plant Growth:  Proper planting ensures that plants have the right environment to thrive.  This includes depth, spacing, and soil preparations, resulting in healthy roots and overall plant growth.

2.  Plant Longevity:  Plants that are planted correctly are more likely to live longer.  Established plants with good roots can withstand stresses and adjust to climate changes.

3.  Aesthetic Appeal:  A landscape with properly placed and spaced plants will contribute to the visual appeal of the landscape.  Properly designing the landscape will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

4.  Environmental:  Planted landscapes will produce a healthier environment.  Trees, shrubs, and flowers provide shade, support wildlife, and reduces air pollution.  

5.  Property Value:  Property value can be significantly increased with a well-landscaped property with trees, shrubs, and flowers.  It creates curb appeal and makes the space more attractive.

6.  Erosion:  Planting the right landscape will help prevent soil from eroding on  sloping terrain.  The root system of established plants are very important in maintaining slopes and hills.

7.  Water Needs:  Proper planting includes grouping plants together with similar water needs.  This provides water efficiency by avoiding various needs within a small space.

8.  Invasive Species Control:  Planting a landscape properly will help push out unwanted species of plants.  Oftentimes, invasive species can creep into your landscape through neglect or incorrect landscaping techniques.  


Planting Arborvitae Along Home

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