Retaining Wall

Retaining walls offer a combination of functional and aesthetic benefits, making them valuable additions to landscaping and construction projects.  They not only improve the soil composition but also improve the overall appearance of outdoor areas.  Here are a few benefits of a retaining wall:

1.  Erosion Control:  Retaining walls prevent soil erosion on slopes, hills, or areas that naturally accept a lot of water.  These walls hold back the soil, preventing soil from washing away.

2.  Stability:  Retaining walls provide structural stability to landscape beds by absorbing the pressure from a sloped terrain.

3.  Maximize Space:  Retaining walls can create level areas on steep slopes, expanding the usable space in your property.  This will allow for additional patio areas, gardening space, or even a building structure.

4.  Aesthetics:  The visual appeal of your property can be greatly enhanced by using retaining walls.  These walls can be constructed of materials that may already exist in your landscape, creating an aesthetically pleasing flow to your landscape design.

5.  Increased Value:  Well-placed and properly constructed retaining walls can add significant value to your property.  Retaining walls can alleviate concerns of erosion or future drainage issues for potential buyers.

6.  Longevity:  Many different retaining wall materials can be used to provide a lasting wall.  Concrete, stone, and some wood will have a long lifespan with very minimal maintenance.

7.  Drainage:  Retaining walls can be incorporated with drainage systems to manage water runoff.  This is crucial to eliminate future flooding or water issues.

8.  Landscape Planting:  Retaining walls can be a foundation for planting trees and shrubs.  You can create garden beds or even incorporate cascading plants to the retaining wall.


O'Fallon MO Retaining Wall

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