Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning within your landscape is paramount for safety, aesthetics, and health of trees, as well as the overall health of your landscape.  Here is a list of reasons why tree pruning is a must:

1.  Healthy Trees:  Pruning removes dead and diseased branches, improving sunlight within the canopy.  This helps prevent diseases from stagnant air.

2.  Growth:  Enhanced growth occurs from properly pruning trees and shrubs. Taking away unnecessary branches will increase the health of existing limbs.3.  Safety:  Routine pruning removes weak, dead, or broken branches that could create a hazard to people, pets, and property.  It greatly reduces the chance of falling branches or entire trees.

4.  Curb Appeal:  Pruning will enhance a tree’s shape and appearance, making it more attractive and flowing with its surroundings.  Well-pruned trees provide an overall beauty of a well-maintained landscape.

5.  Utility Line Clearing:  Trees that grow near utility lines will need to be pruned periodically.  Pruning these trees will lessen the likelihood of future power outages.

6.  Historic Tree Preservation:  Historic and exotic trees will benefit from proper pruning, extending their lifespan.  This will allow future generations to enjoy the landscape the way we currently do.

7.  Long-Term Costs:  Keeping a routine schedule for pruning can be more cost-effective than emergency tree mitigation or extensive tree pruning.

8.  Wildlife Habitat:  Proper pruning in your landscape can reduce the likelihood that unwanted creatures will call your property home.  Raccoons, skunks, and opossums are less likely to choose your manicured property.  


Tree Pruning to Shape

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